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I am a author and director from Italy, ​based in Biarritz, ​France. I have traveled the ​world as a TV reporter and ​moderator. ​My reportages and stories focus on ​people who ​are fighting, creating, and ​uniting to make the Earth a better ​place.

I love to write documentaries scripts and ​commercial ​narrations and use my voice ​as a bridge between creators ​and the ​audience. Nature is my biggest source of ​fulfillment, ​where my mind and spirit can ​recharge and create with ​ease.

I want to be the ​eyes & voice of ​the people who are ​fighting to make ​our planet a better ​place


GUTS- a female expedition through Africa-

Direction, filming, Narration & Voice Over,

GUTS is a biographical, adventure, documentary ​that portrays Patrizia and Marie’s off road journey ​through North West Africa. With their old off-road ​car and four surfboard, they travelled for more ​than 20.000 km on a 5-month expedition from ​France to Guinea Buissau.

Their mission: to capture the inspiring stories of ​the women who are shaping Africa’s future. A ​captivating documentary aiming to encourage ​other women to listen to their Guts feelings, a ​moving tales on female travel, women’s ​empowerment, reconnection with nature and ​freedom.

SERMERSUAQ -the great ice-

Direction, filming, narration ,

SERMERSUAQ is a powerful documentary that ​brings an intimate perspective on climate change ​into the Arctic. It tells the story of Michael, a ​hunter from Qaanaaq, the northermost town of ​Greenland and Marc, a researcher in a quest for ​truth.

Different proveniences, same common scope, ​preserving the Sermersuaq, Greenland great ice ​sheet.




X Billabong Womens Europe 2023

Direction, filming, narration & Voice Over


X Billabong womens Europe 2023

Direction, filming, narration & Voice Over

Product showcase

x Front Runner, 2023

Direction & Filming

The girls crew

x Malika Surf Camp, Dakar, 2023

Direction & Filming

L’attente x Dual Magazine


Narration & Voice Over

Tv moderator & ​motivational speaker

I have worked as a TV moderator for the documentary serie ​Donnavventura, Mediaset, and as a motivational speaker for various ​brands as


Writing is, for me, the most simple and effective way ​to arrive at people's hearts. Because sometimes we ​just need a word, a lttle sentence to start a ​revolution.

I have authored reportages and articles for renowned ​publications such as Grazia, TV Sorrisi e Canzoni, ​GoldenRide etc. Through my writing, I strive to give a ​voice to extraordinary individuals and bring attention ​to the topics that matter most.


With my family Tour Operator, Avventurasport, I organize and lead expeditions and tailor-made adventures worldwide.

Exploring uncharted territories and embracing the unknown is where I truly feel alive

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Patrizia Bruno