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Patrizia Bruno

I am a author and director from Italy, ​based in Biarritz, ​France. I have traveled the ​world as a TV reporter and ​moderator. ​My reportages and stories focus on ​people who ​are fighting, creating, and ​uniting to make the Earth a better ​place.

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Patrizia Bruno
About me

About me

As an author and director, I focus on truly getting to know my film characters. With a background in linguistics and anthropology, I always had a fervent passion for learning new languages and cultures, driven by an urge to communicate and connect deeply with people. This intimate approach now defines my work in documentaries.

I am a huge fan of literature, from Homer’s Odyssey to the works of Hemingway and Kerouac. These books have defined my romantic approach to adventure and exploration. I aim to be a bridge between the creator and the audience, bringing stories to life with authenticity and depth. Nature is my greatest source of fulfillment, where my mind and spirit can create with ease

I want to be the ​eyes & voice of ​the people who are ​fighting to make ​our planet a better ​place




a female expedition through Africa
Author, Director, Second Camera, Co Producer & Voice Over
GUTS is a biographical, adventure, documentary ​that portrays Patrizia and Marie’s off road journey ​through North West Africa. With their old off-road ​car and four surfboard, they travelled for more ​than 20.000 km on a 5-month expedition from ​France to Guinea Buissau. Their mission: to capture the inspiring stories of ​the women who are shaping Africa’s future. A ​captivating documentary aiming to encourage ​other women to listen to their Guts feelings, a ​moving tales on female travel, women’s ​empowerment, reconnection with nature and ​freedom.


the great ice
Author, Director, Cameraman, Producer,

SERMERSUAQ is a powerful documentary that brings an intimate perspective on climate change into the Arctic. It tells the story of Michael, a hunter from Qaanaaq, the northermost town of Greenland and Marc, a researcher in a quest for truth.

Different proveniences, same common scope, preserving the Sermersuaq, Greenland great ice sheet.



X Billabong Womens Europe 2023
Direction, filming, narration & Voice Over
X Billabong womens Europe 2023
Direction, filming, narration & Voice Over
Product showcase
x Front Runner, 2023
Direction & Filming
The girls crew
x Malika Surf Camp, Dakar, 2023
Direction & Filming
L’attente x Dual Magazine
Narration & Voice Over
Professional Services

Tv moderator & ​motivational speaker


Brands that trust me

I have worked as a TV moderator for the documentary serie ​Donnavventura, Mediaset, and as a motivational speaker for various ​brands as



Writing is, for me, the most simple and effective way ​to arrive at people’s hearts. Because sometimes we ​just need a word, a lttle sentence to start a ​revolution. I have authored reportages and articles for renowned ​publications such as Grazia, TV Sorrisi e Canzoni, ​GoldenRide etc. Through my writing, I strive to give a ​voice to extraordinary individuals and bring attention ​to the topics that matter most.

Expeditions & Adventure Travel

I  grew up in my dad’s expedition and adventure travel agency, AVVENTURASPORT  surrounded by paraglides, kayaks, and listening to stories of remote destinations. This is where I took my first steps into the adventure world, learning to love the unknown and discovering new places. I led my first expedition at 14—it was barely legal—and since then, I have never stopped exploring, searching, and taking people into the wildest areas of our beautiful planet. From Kyrgyzstan to the Kalahari, we have crafted the perfect adventure for companies and solo explorers.

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Patrizia Bruno